To State the Obvious …

“Stating the obvious” is how I’ve spent much of the last quarter century (“people are important”). Fact is, there’s little more important than stating the obvious—over and over.

So here I go again:

The problem is rarely the problem. The response to the problem is usually the problem. (Think Watergate and Martha Stewart.)

Ta-da: So work proactively and assiduously on that response—remembering, to state the obvious, that … perception is all there is!

Genesis: an incredibly crappy (“die rather than go back”) experience at the Boca Raton Resort & Club—which doubly annoyed me because I had such a lovely time with newfound colleagues at the Direct Selling Association, and wished (literally) to savor the experience, not have it supplanted by an untoward event. The “event”/problem, as implied above, was far from endangering the earth; but the stunningly & repeatedly rude & inept & disingenuous* (*”disingenuous” = lie/s) response to the problem played havoc with my blood pressure as well as my morale and my view of humankind. (NB: Uncharacteristically, I plan to get even. E.g., starting with this Blogpost.)

Tom Peters posted this on June 6, 2006, in Service.
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