The Irreducibles

Confronted during an executive session with Investec in Mauritius. One fellow pointedly asks (Jim Collins and I had both been on the day’s program.): “So what’s ‘for sure’? Anything?”

Frankly, I said, “No.” And there’s a part of me that believes that. The world is too fluid for certainties.

Then, while walking and thinking today (no Walkman), it occurred that “people matter most” is pretty damn close to a “certainty.” (And nowhere near as trite as it sounds at first blush. So many give lip service, so few follow through.) Well, I kept walking … and more and more stuff bubbled up. Got back to my hotel room, and started pecking away at the keyboard. 173 items and one more walk later, I called it a day-evening. My label for this list is “The Irreducibles”—stuff that I’m pretty sure is pretty sure. Please enjoy the fruits of Sunday’s labor in PDF and PPT forms.

Tom Peters posted this on June 18, 2006, in Strategies.
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