Notes on the News of the Day

Glad to see Arcelor was eaten by Mittal, given the unseemly nature of the process. Glad to see the Arcelor CEO, Guy Dollé, got the boot—good riddance to a racist pig. On the other hand, consistent with TP long-time biases about giant mergers … what precisely is the point of a $70 billion steel company?

FT reports that Gates + Buffett = Biggest philanthropic enterprise ever (in terms of size as a share of GDP). Gates + Buffett = WOW! (Moreover, BG fleeing Microsoft at the right time—sorry, couldn’t resist.)

More “hats off.” FT also reports on NYC health commissioner, Dr Thomas Frieden: “How New York Took the Lead in World Action on Health.” Frieden made the news for banning smoking in bars, but the FT singles out his equally aggressive efforts on AIDS, obesity and diabetes.

Tom Peters posted this on June 27, 2006, in Strategies.
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