It Adds Up!

You can’t take the engineer out of the boy. I’m a numbers nut, a careful recorder of minutiae. Hence I can delightedly report that yesterday (0607) was my 365th consecutive day of exercising—I’ve only hit the one-year mark once before. (Averaging, according to my somewhat accurate pedometer, 5.1 miles per day of speedwalking.) (23 countries from Mauritius to Oman to Russia/Siberia; 19 states but not Hawaii.)

Now that I’ve finished patting—whacking—myself on the back, I’ll make mention of one “little” part of the story. In the last 365 days, about half on the road, perhaps 200 flights, I have not once—NOT ONCE!—set foot on a moving walkway in an airport. I firmly believe that such “little stuff” truly does add up. (I’ve also, except when physically impossible, refrained from taking trams between terminals; it is in fact possible to avoid them much of the time—e.g., Atlanta, Dallas.*) (*For about a third of the year, my roller bag suffered from seized wheel bearings—adding a little extra drag to the process. I actually decided not to replace it because I thought that extra drag required a few more ergs of energy expenditure.)

Tom Peters posted this on June 8, 2006, in General.
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