Blog Prototype

Our friend and former colleague, Geoff Thatcher, is looking for some quick feedback on a blog he and a co-worker have fast prototyped. Geoff works for Carat, which calls itself an independent media communications network. There is one business unit there that specializes in placing executives from Philips, HP, Amdocs, SAP, and other companies as keynote speakers at events around the world. Apparently, folks there have been talking about creating a website to support that unit for the last couple of years.

Tired of waiting, Geoff and his co-conspirator have set up, and he’s anxious to get feedback on the site. If people vote thumbs up, he’ll take the info to his leadership team. If it’s thumbs down, well, hardly any money spent and no one the wiser. Except you folks who visit. Jim Coudal of Coudal Partners (design firm that took from static website to blog-powered site) is responsible for the clever AboveCLevel name.

Erik Hansen posted this on June 8, 2006, in Blogging.
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