A Clear and Present Danger to Society

Yes “he” did. “He” actually said, “That’s a very diverse team.” “His” 7-member executive committee has … two Indians. “His” 14-person Board of Directors has one woman—not an exec.

“He”/”Him” is Patrick Cescau, CEO of Unilever.
(About 85%+ of “his” products are bought by … WOMEN.)

Could “he” have … actually … said: “This is a very diverse team.” [My italics.] It would have been an incredible statement without the “very.” With the “very” it “very much” suggests a psychiatric session or two might be in order—or at least he should have to say it in front of his wife at a “very” public gathering.

[Source of quote: Financial Times, 24-25 June.]
[See brief PP attached.]

Tom Peters posted this on June 27, 2006, in Trend$.
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