Yes, We Really Do Have Covered Bridges!

Covered Bridge

Coming home on Thursday from my Epsilon/California event, I drove as usual through Brattleboro, VT. About 8 miles North, on VT 30, I came (as usual) to a classic covered bridge—in use no less. Couldn’t resist getting the camera out.

First time home in 3 weeks. The new Aussie puppy (Ruby) had doubled in size, or so it seemed; and Spring had sprung. In Vermont, Spring comes like this: gonna come, gonna come, gonna come. Came. Peepers were deafening. Black flies were beginning to appear. (Nasty—Ben’s 100 percent DEET for sure. Damn the consequences.) Brambles I’d cleared last year growing an inch a day. Beavers in the pond and clear cutting maples around the pond—hate to admit it, but last year after trying friendly traps, etc. … we were forced to dynamite their carefully engineered dam. Not able to get the beavers out, the pond was ripe to produce giardia. And our neighbors and our boys and their friends were swimming every day. We’ll see how we do this year.

Three full days home—a record in recent times. Now off to Athens for a Tuesday speech to a CEO confab; writing this from MUC, the Munich airport.

Home (Boston) Wednesday for a gala event at the Kennedy School celebrating the life and work of a very much alive Warren Bennis on his 80th. I’ve got a 15-minute lunchtime speech (Stephen Covey is the other speech-giver), and I’m in a panic I so want to get it right. I dragged about 10 reference books with me to help with prep. Gawd, you’d think it would be easy by now …