See Tom Live in London

What’s your adaptation to the chaos going to be?

In Tom’s consulting business, our clients tell us that times have never been tougher for them—competition has never been greater, and the environmental, social, and technological challenges we are all facing make the world of work a confusing, testing, and chaotic place to operate. Just how do we decide on the right approaches for the future?

For those who are looking for insights, energy, and optimism, Tom Peters continues to be a fabulous source from which to draw support. In the 24 years since In Search of Excellence, Tom has captivated audiences all around the world with his insights on the future through his speaking and writing. Demand for his ideas is as high now as it has ever been, with very good reason!

On 17 May 2006 in London, there is a rare opportunity to sign up to hear Tom present his latest ideas at a public event. Entitled “Finding Inspiration: A Masterclass in Corporate Excellence,” the event provides you with the chance to soak yourself in a whole day of Tom’s reflections and rants. You’ll leave with a head full of ideas and a jolt to your system that is bound to kick you into some fresh and renewed action. Join the audience of over 400 people at the London Hilton Metropole for a roller coaster ride.

Visit for all the information you need to sign up for this ‘not to be missed’ occasion.

Chris Nel posted this on April 12, 2006, in General.
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