Overdoing It?

As I absorbed so many of man’s most extraordinary cultural achievements (Michelangelo’s Moses, Bernini’s sculptures at Villa Borghese, a dozen breathtaking church ceilings), and overate, and wandered with Italians down the center of broad streets at 1 a.m. … I wondered.

China expands its global muscle by the day, or hour. India surges. Yet Italy, Germany, and France—the fools, per me—have turned their back on progress. On the one hand I “know” my message about the intensity of competition and the need for an incredibly vigorous response is “right.”

And yet …

Isn’t it okay to take a week and glory in the glories of Rome?
To overeat?
To extend a lunch hour into two?

To laugh?
To cry?

To read crappy thrillers that add not an ounce to one’s intellectual muscle mass?

Though my message is technically “right” … and urgency is high (“If you don’t like change you’re going to like irrelevance even less”) … and “we ain’t seen nothin’ yet” (life sciences, etc.) … isn’t it okay to have slightly more than a one-dimensional life pre-occupied with China and India and Brand You and the Accumulation of Intellectual Capitol 24-hours-a-frigging-day (“24/7”)?

The Italians and French and Germans are missing a beat, no doubt. “Three billion new capitalists” want my job, too.

But surely there is more to life?