I Love It

One of my pet peeves is the “dumbed down” conversation. I’ve heard too many of them lately. In contrast, the comments on my last two posts are rich, interesting and thoughtful. Thank you.

I wrote those posts at O’Hare Airport Friday evening, just before boarding an overnight flight. After a stop in Frankfurt with friends, I arrived in Jerusalem before dawn yesterday (Sunday) and spent the day relaxing away from the online world. I just flipped open my computer at my favorite Jerusalem coffee shop, Tmol Shilshom, which is in an old, funky building in the center of town. Central Jerusalem has free wireless access, so I was able to check in for the first time in a few days.

What a pleasure to come back from a few days of “head clearing” and read those comments. I love it when people think and engage in good debate and conversation. Let’s keep doing it!

Steve Yastrow posted this on April 10, 2006, in Blogging.
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