Got It! Finally!

After 28 years on the road pontificating … in Siberia I finally figured what it is I do, and, to some extent, why I do it (e.g. travel to Siberia at age 63). I think my “analytics” and “facts” are sound. (I am, after all, in the end, an observer-sponge-analyst-hypothesis-generator.) But, more than those facts and analytics, I bring a “point of view” … an “attitude” … toward enterprise that is unconventional, and perhaps liberating.

Thinking in slides, as I often do, I pulled the following together (you’ll also find “it” in two attached presentations, “XAlways.overview” and “XAlways”):

Slide #1:

The Peters Principles: Enthusiasm. Emotion. EXCELLENCE. Energy. Excitement. Service. Growth. Creativity. Imagination. Vitality. Joy. Surprise. Independence. Spirit. Community. Limitless human potential. Diversity. PROFIT. Innovation. Design. Wow. Quality. Entrepreneurialism.

Slide #2:

Business* (*at its best): An emotional, vital, innovative, joyful, creative, entrepreneurial endeavor that elicits maximum concerted human potential in the wholehearted service of others.** (**Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Communities, Owners, Temporary Partners)

Slides #3, #4, and #5:

Business: The Ultimate Creative Endeavor.
Business: The Ultimate Personal Development-Growth Experience.
Business: The Ultimate Transcendent Service Opportunity.

Slide #6:

Excellence. Always.

Not easy. Not common. But a worthy aspiration.
Enough to launch me on a plane to Siberia. (And, as I write, Oman.) (Not to mention Phoenix—coming up next week!)

Hmmmm. So this is why I do it …

Tom Peters posted this on April 24, 2006, in Tom's Slides.
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