Couple of Newbies

Couldn't figure out what to say that'd be relevant in Novosibirsk—so I ended up cobbling together a bunch of "stuff" under the heading: "Excellence. Always."

I also decided to turn this one into a generic presentation I'm calling "KillerCombo." It begins with two new little pieces—"Exellence. Always." "First Level Scientific Success: Beyond Brains." (The idea of the latter is to underscore all the things besides intelligence that underpin Great Scientific Success—such as fanaticism, the ability to attract & keep top talent, and luck.) Then there's a new "All the Things You Need to Know," a new "Leadership23" (created for Merrill Lynch last week). Next, "People Power"—which combines "Brand You" and "The Talent50." Then: "Leadership2006: The Passion Imperative." "The Irreducible209."

All yours ...