Boats at beach in Mauritius

Here I am, off the East coast of Africa … and 25 yards from one of the world’s most spectacular beaches. Took 32 hours to get here from Boston, inclusive of an 11-hour layover in Heathrow. Will talk tomorrow to the leaders of the spectacularly successful South African-based financial services company … Investec. Hit the beach as soon as I arrived, for a 2-hour walk; good to be so sweaty that my T-shirt was about 3 times its normal weight when I got back to my room. There’s been an outbreak of a mosquito-borne nasty, related to Dengue fever but not fatal. Found, actually at my doc’s suggestion, some 98.1% DEET Ben’s bug juice (yo, cancer), which seems to do the trick—though I can say that wiping your sweaty eyes with a hand covered with 98% DEET is memorable.)

On the way down-over, during the last 12-hour leg, I produced, in prep for tomorrow, a 308-slide “MiniMaster” … hereby attached.

Will face off with my pal Jim Collins tomorrow.