I Wonder If …

Okay, I know you know I'm hardly keen on Big Mergers. So I'll just ask you one question. While reading about the likely Lucent-Alcatel deal, I just wondered, simple guy that I am: Did the two CEOs, in weeks of intense negotiations, ever get excited about the consumer per se? Not the number of consumers they could sign up, not about the higher ranking in the Fortune Biggest Global Corporations (whatever) list. But did either of those guys ever say, "Wow, this will really make a difference in the quality of communications tools my 17-year-old daughter Mary will have ten years from now"?

Well, damn it, did they?

(FYI. Wall Street Journal headline on the potential merger: "U.S. Firm, France's Alcatel See Bulking Up as a Key to Thriving in Telecom." And you know exactly what I think of that ...)

Tom Peters posted this on March 27, 2006, in Strategies.
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