How Do I Hate Thee, Let Me Count …

Okay, I’m online, wireless, from the BA lounge in Heathrow. And that’s a good thing.

But …

Ye gads BT (BT Openzone) made it as painful as possible. Consider: Long layover, so I wanted to buy three hours. Required to buy three vouchers, one hour each. Each has its own username and password. Ridiculously complex passwords and ID. Typical password (CASE SENSITIVE!), szUXPxc3w8. (My user name that hour is the memorable 83167759.) Then the system rejected my Visa card the first two tries, requiring me to thrice start afresh with data entry. All in all, the transaction took about 15 minutes—only an unholy thirst for connectivity kept me in the race.

Today’s exam, spurred by BT: Call or email your company, or perform a Web transaction: Is said transaction a gen-u-ine “Wow Experience”?

(All this also makes one-me wonder about the ATT-Bell South link-up. Just what we need, a monster-size, near monopolist, devoid of incentives to kowtow to the customer.)

Tom Peters posted this on March 8, 2006, in Technology.
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