For What (Little) It's Worth

I always reply to the juvenile, “There’s no ‘I’ in Team” with an equally juvenile, “But there is an ‘I” in Win.” In truth, I believe it is eminently possible and accurate to believe simultaneously in Team and I. (I’m in O’Hare as I write this … think Bulls & Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen & Dennis Rodman. A lotta “I” and a lotta Team … and a lotta Championship Rings.) So if you’re a “Team & I” person like me, I guess it’s, “There is an ‘I’ and ‘T’ in Victory.”

At any rate, the real point of this Post, I did find to read in today’s USA Today sports section that in the NCAA tourney the nation’s leading scorer has not been on the national championship team since … 1952! (The occasion was yesterday’s losses by both Duke and Gonzaga, who between them have the nation’s #1 and #2 scorers.) (Whatever.)

Tom Peters posted this on March 24, 2006, in Talent.
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