Escaping the Cubicle

In the Boston Globe blog, March 13, 2006, there is an entry titled: “The Fidel Castro of office furniture” and it reads: “Reviled by workers, demonized by designers, disowned by its very creator, Robert Propst, who deemed it ‘monolithic insanity,’ the cubicle still claims the largest share of office furniture sales—$3 billion a year—and has continued to outlive every design meant to replace it. It is the Fidel Castro of office furniture. The only thing likely to slow the Borg-like cubiclization of our lives? Telecommuting.”

The Globe writer was commenting on this article from Fortune. I am glad to say I’ve escaped the cubicle—how about you?

Darci Riesenhuber posted this on March 21, 2006, in Brand You.
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