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For a forthcoming event, I was asked to provide some possible “sayings” on leadership, six words or less, fit to go on coffee cups distributed as gifts. Well, I got a little carried away. (That’s not news.) The results are listed below.

“Passion! Energy! Enthusiasm!”
“Enthusiasm! Enthusiasm! Enthusiasm!”
“Enthusiasm Moves Mountains!”
“Nothing Matches Enthusiasm as a ‘Motivator’!”
“Enthusiasm, the Ultimate Virus.”
“Technicolor Times Demand Technicolor Actions.”
“Technicolor Times Demand Technicolor People.”
“Wow. Now.”
“Re-imagine! Re-do! Re-vise! Re-vo-lu-tion!”
“Leaders ‘Do’ People. Period.”
“Credibility. Asset No.1.”
“Tell the Truth.”
“Truth Wins.”
“Challenge. Challenge. Challenge.”
“Two Big Goals. Tops.”
“Focus. Your Calendar Never Lies.”
“Good Story. Good Leader.”
“Best Story Wins.”
“Live the Story.”
“Change the World. Accept Nothing Less.”
“Dream. The Only Worthwhile Reality.”
“Beware Those Who Agree With You.”
“Seek Dissidents. Nurture Dissidents. Cherish Dissidents.”
“Demand Excellence!”
“Demand Excellence. The Greatest Gift.”
“No Less Than Excellence. Ever.”
“Excellence, Life’s Gold Standard”
“Stop Talking! Start Doing!”
“Execute. Execute. Execute.”
“Do. Do. Do.”
“‘Good Execution’ Beats ‘Good Strategy.'”
“Agility Trumps Size.”
“Women make the best bosses!”
“Women Rule. Believe It.”
“You must care!”
“Ask. ‘Why?'”
“‘Different’ beats ‘Better.'”
“‘Distinct’ or ‘Extinct.'”
“Innovate or Die.”
“‘Me Too’ = ‘Me Dead.'”
“Talent Time!”
“Best Talent Wins.”
“Moderation Fails in Immoderate Times.”

If you were given the same assignment, what other pithy, world-changing, cup-suitable pearls would you suggest?

(A PDF version and a PPT version are attached.)

Tom Peters posted this on February 13, 2006, in Excellence.
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