Open Mouth, Insert Foot?

Boomer & Geezer Women = Many, Many, Many People = Major-Primary Market for Everything = Primary Market+ For Everything Expensive = In Their Prime And Gathering Steam = Seriously Cool = Money, All Of.

No issue.

So, please explain why last Sunday’s New York Times Women’s Fashion Spring 2006 section did not even include one model that (I would think) a Boomer-Geezer Woman would identify with? I am sure-as-hell not suggesting that Boomer-Geezer women are not stylish. To the contrary, speaking as a 60-year-old+ male, there’s no one sexier than a seriously cool 45-, 55-, 65-year-old woman! She’s in her prime. (I’m not.) And she looks confidant and ready to take on & take over the world. But she (sure-as-hell) doesn’t look like any of the humanoids sporting clothes in that fashion section of the Times. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not “allowed” to be a judge on this topic—except for the stupendous nature of the market opportunity. Somebody/s—preferably women—please, please, please explain!

Tom Peters posted this on February 28, 2006, in Trend$.
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