Now that Tom has switched back to a "normal" font for his PowerPoint slides, it did occur to us here at tp.com that a few of you may have purchased the new font specifically to view/read Tom's slides. If that means you, our apologies for the switcheroo. And to make some small amends for your having spent money on a font no longer needed here, if you email a receipt for One Stroke Script dated February 22 or 23, we'll send you one of the Essentials Series books as a way of saying sorry for the inconvenience. (But hey, now you've got another font to play around with.) One caveat: short time frame for making good on this offer. You've got until midnight, Eastern Time Zone (USA) Tuesday, February 28, 2006, to send us the receipt. Please email it to tom (at) tompeters.com. And as always, thanks for your avid participation.

Erik Hansen posted this on February 24, 2006, in Tom's Slides.
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