Repeat! (Mostly.)

I edited the GE posts from yesterday, taking out "GE" and touching up a little bit. So what you'll find here are "pure" versions—that we'll also put in our Special Presentation page and field (in the right-hand column).

The "89" list was a labor of love launched on the spur of the moment during a Rain Delay at JFK—another piece of work that ended with an all-nighter, about 2:30 a.m. to about 8:00 a.m.The stuff is obvious—but I believe one of my principal roles is to remind busy folks, caught up in corporate rituals, of the obvious. I damn well know I need it!

(As to the numerical discrepancies in a couple of cases—write it off to a pair of all-nighters, two 14+ hour flights, and the after-effects of thin mountain air. I will fix it when the tank is full.)

(I must also report that the presentation went well. I was nervous as can be. GEers are tough crowds—they are the best when it comes to BigCo performance, and don't suffer fools. I think I successfully evaded the "fool" sobriquet—and ended up having a great time in the process, including catching up with some old friends from around GE.)

41 Favorite Quotes and 42 Quotes (PDF)
Lists: Important Stuff
89 Ridiculously Obvious Thoughts About Selling Stuff and 90 Thoughts (PDF)

Tom Peters posted this on January 25, 2006, in Tom's Slides.
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