Yup. Tom does get off on taking gratuitous whacks at business schools.

The latest. Remember, a couple of days ago, my “Sales90”? Now, it’s “Sales111.” It got me thinking: Why don’t B.Schools (or, at least the so-called “elite”) teach … SALES … anymore? We’ve got marketing up the gazoo—and marketing is indeed important—but by and large no bloody sales. Obviously sales are important. (Duh.) And we do “know some stuff.”

‘Nuff said.

(Whoops: and, remember, no Innovation to speak of, no Creativity, no Implementation (à la Bossidy’s book/Execution), no Presenting & Listening/Interviewing … the two most important practical Tools. ‘Nuff said redux.)

So: Please explain the above. Anything Goes: “Sales is a given.” “Sales can’t be taught.” “There’s not one bloomin’ prof who’d know his left foot from his right on the topic.” Etc.

Tom Peters posted this on January 31, 2006, in Education.
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