Mac Love

I knew when I switched from Windows back to Apple (after 11 years away) I'd end up being one of those insufferable anti-Windows people. But I didn't know it would take .5 nanoseconds.

A few months ago my Dell laptop had its 3rd hard drive crash, so I promptly went to the Mac Store and bought an iBook. (When you work for yourself you have to pay for everything, but you don't have to ask permission. It's well worth it.) All I can say is that it is really nice to be away from all of the cumbersome things and problems that Windows makes you endure.

What's making me happy right this minute? Well, my Dell used to act funny anytime I put it to sleep, so I was constantly shutting it down and waiting through the long Windows boot-up process, multiple times each day. I just close my iBook when I'm done using it, and it wakes up instantly refreshed and ready to go. I just went through security at O'Hare, popped into the Admiral's Club, and I can write this post in the time it would take my old Windows machine to start up.

And ... my battery says 4 hours and 12 minutes left to go. (After working for a while.) Plenty to get me to Vegas tonight.

Steve Yastrow posted this on January 8, 2006, in Excellence.
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