Hats Off to Marriott!

Re-imagining Lodging

As a woman business traveler who spends considerable time away from home, I applaud the news that Marriott is paying attention to the needs of women business travelers. Working with IDEO (whose founder and GM are among our Cool Friends), Marriott has redesigned their Residence Inn in Manhattan for women!

In a recent article [registration required], we find that Marriott is out to change the world of lodging. They have established a 45-story facility that is completely non-smoking! Marriott has also created a "great room" concept that allows space to be used by travelers as they see fit—no more formal living rooms. (That no one uses.)

Marriott acknowledges that the women's market is driving these changes. What else do you think the hotel industry should do to ride the trend of women, baby boomers, and geezers?

Val Willis posted this on January 18, 2006, in Trend$.
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