Excellence Sought …

Somebody asked me what I was “up to” this year. Been there; translation: “Got a book in the works?” Me: No! In fact, No! No! No!

What am I “up to”? First and foremost, I have 60 priceless opportunities “on the books.” Speeches-seminars-events. Starting with a healthcare gig in Dubai in a couple of weeks. My Aim.2006 is to: Make each event a Masterpiece, a Meticulously-crafted & Relevant & Provocative & Startling & Passionate Call to Dramatic/Revolutionary Action/Re-imagining. Will I bat 1.000? Of course not! Will I change the course of the lives in those 60 audiences? Of course not. But I will have the incredible-amazing-gadzooks opportunity to directly confront about 90,000 people with my vision of the energetic, Wow-engorged, change-hungry life. Suppose I somehow manage to dent the consciousness of 5%, and lead 5% of that 5% to take some pretty significant steps down Revolutionary Road. That would add up to 4,500 folks affected-infected, and 225 folks marching smartly to a different drummer. Wow! What a year it would have been!!

What am I “up to”? In our NCF (New Cool Friend) Stephen Shapiro’s Goal-Free Living there’s a chapter epigraph I loved:

“My only goal is to have no goals. The goal, every time, is that film, that very moment.”—Bernardo Bertolucci

That film!
That speech!
That audience!
That individual in my sights!
That particular point!
That moment!*
(*There is no other.)

Tom Peters posted this on January 5, 2006, in Excellence.
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