Warren Bennis: Leadership Addendum

Warren Bennis is arguably (inarguably, I’d vow) the #1 leadership guru/student in the world. I sent him my recent leadership Blogpost (12.03) before it appeared here. Immediately below is his response. (Note that Warren, I believe, was at one point the youngest U.S. infantry officer in the European theater—World War II.)

“Tom: Loved your blog. Just so!

“Two things: ‘To be of use’ is a memorable line from a nearby neighbor of yours, John Irving, in Cider House Rules. When the ‘doc’ asks the young man what he wants to do with his life—the question, after all, right?—he pauses 2 or 3 beats and says, ‘To be of use.’ My line, too. At least for awhile and years to come.

“The other is a little ‘hurt’—not really. When you talked of ‘boot camps’ and mentioned three, you didn’t mention the Benning School for Boys, the Infantry School, where they produced the four-month wonders, those ‘shavetails,’ who did make a difference in WWII. It was the best education I’ve ever received: including Antioch, MIT, and the rest of them.”

TP: Warren, so noted!

Tom Peters posted this on December 7, 2005, in Strategies.
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