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More on the always-fresh topic of customers …

Fred Reichheld is the God-Guru of Customer Loyalty. He pretty well took the anecdote-laden field and put (VERY) hard numbers to a previously (VERY) soft topic.

Now he gives us another, related home run observation backed by, as usual, a ton of unimpeachable data: There is one question/measure (just one!) in the “happy/pissed off customer” universe that correlates … perfectly (BIG WORD) … with subsequent revenue growth. Namely: “How likely are you to recommend [company] to a friend or colleague?”

Reichheld calls this the “net promoter score.” For instance, in wretched airline world, you guessed it, the golden oldies cluster tightly at the bottom … and Southwest is off-the-charts positive.


Source: POINT (Advertising Age)/November 2005

Tom Peters posted this on December 2, 2005, in Service.
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