Damn Good Reading!

Time and again in recent years I've laid out my $12.95 in airports to get a copy of Booz Allen Hamilton's magazine strategy + business. The article titles are unfailingly good, the articles themselves are unfailingly stiff and underwhelming.

Until now.

Art Kleiner, a brilliant writer and organization-change expert, is the new editor at strategy + business ... and the current issue is a winner. Titles are ordinary, content is solid gold. To wit:

"Money Isn't Everything" is a provocative, research-based article that demonstrates ... good God ... that there is absolutely no correlation between R&D spending levels and business performance as measured by common indicators. It ain't quite that simple ... but this article is sure to get you thinking. (The whole idea, eh?)

"The Realist's Guide to Moral Purpose" is a terrific article on the tight relationship between high moral purpose and business excellence.

"Ricardo Semler Won't Take Control" is a study of the wholly original Brazilian business genius.

"Best Business Books 2005" is a priceless tour of ... the best B.Books of the year—I am in almost unanimous agreement.

Nice job, Art K. (And BAH!)