Could It Be So Simple? Tom Peters: "Yes."

You can accuse me of being wrong. Fine. But you can no longer accuse me of being superficial. I’ve been at this (alone among the “gurus”) for almost a decade now. M-F differences … and their enormous impact on products, services, experiences, marketing, profits, organizational harmony (or dis-harmony), leadership, motivation, etc.

While reading (re-reading, actually) Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say, by Warren Farrell, I came across a single sentence, just a phrase actually, that “said it all.” To wit: “survival [for men] was more dependent on combat than compassion.”

Wow! “One sentence explains all”—damn near, I’d say.

In another book (reviewing a stack of about 15, don’t remember which), I came across (re-crossed) some related findings. By the second day (!!) of life, baby girls are staring (keeping a steady gaze) at … people; baby boys are staring at … things/patterns. The hyper-young women, that is, are preparing for communal community management; the hyper-young men are readying their spatial skills for competitive spear tossing on the hunt.

And thus it has ever been!
And thus it will ever be!

Women “do” relationships.
Men “do” things.

No wonder we (Ms, Fs) often don’t get along very well.
No wonder she talks, he doesn’t.
No wonder her incessant talk pisses him off; and his incessant silence pisses her off.
No wonder one “motivates” a woman differently than a man. (He wants things—trophies for the highest numeric score and acing out his closest pal; she wants relationships—group success.)
No wonder women want different products/experiences than men.
No wonder men can’t (CANNOT!!) design products or services or experiences or distribution strategies or marketing campaigns that women “get.”
No wonder male-dominated Senior Management Teams & Boards do a consistently pathetic job at taking advantage of the “SWMO” … Stupendous Women’s Market Opportunity.


Tom Peters posted this on December 2, 2005, in Trend$.
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