Done! My "Fall Tour" ended in San Antonio last Friday. Final stats: 71 days. 29 speeches/seminars. 11 countries. 12 states. 121,000 miles.

River Walk. 71 speed walks in 71 days. Last one ... River Walk in San Antonio ... was as good as it gets, especially in the quiet of 4:30 A.M. It was particularly speedy, as I was accompanied by a fabulous Didgeridoo CD I got in Sydney.

Real Orlando. Wednesday was my introduction to Orlando. In fact, my first trip to Orlando! Of course I'd been to the "other orlando," or "disney orlando," on many an occasion. But, courtesy my SunTrust Banks hosts, this was my first visit to the real/old city. It was lovely, as were the Real Orlandans I met.

Now ... VT for Thanksgiving!