Not Gloating (Much)

No, I’m not gloating, because too much pain has been caused. But if you go back almost exactly a year in this Blog, I think you’ll find that as part of my utter contempt for Giant Mergers in general I was utterly contemptuous of the Sears-Kmart linkup, despite the track record of Linker-in-Chief/Hedge-fund Main Man Edward Lampert. Nonetheless, I promise on my word of honor that I did not gloat at the following:

“Mr Lampert should stick to investing, not matchmaking.”—Gretchen Morgenson, Page 1, New York Times Sunday Business, 11.06.05, “The Sears Catalog of Problems” (subscription required for link)

So why does this S***/the Same S*** keep happening?

Tom Peters posted this on November 7, 2005, in Strategies.
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