Cool Friend: Eamonn Kelly

Eamonn Kelly is our new Cool Friend. He is CEO of Global Business Network, a future-oriented consulting firm, and the author of Powerful Times: Rising to the Challenge of Our Uncertain World, which was launched in September 2005. For more than a decade Kelly has been at the forefront of exploring the emergence and the consequences of a new economy. Here's a quote from his interview:

We need to give up the nostalgia for the past and adopt a new attachment to the future. It should be based on really understanding what's happening today, really understanding the nature of the challenges, but with a sense of opportunity, a sense of optimism, and a sense that we can seize and create a new future without being terribly troubled about letting go of what has been, for the West in particular, a pretty good run of superiority. But superiority in the future isn't guaranteed, and it's not a disaster if other major players enter the scene and start to become full participants too.

You can read more in our current Cool Friend interview.

Cathy Mosca posted this on November 17, 2005, in Cool Friends.
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