Breaking My Rule

I'm obviously a lucky guy. My fees allow me often to stay at Four Seasons Hotels. I know I'm unusually lucky, and that the Four Seasons is an uncommon treat—and so I try not to overdo Four Seasons examples.

But I've got to break my rule ...

I have a Presentation in Chicago today, and Susan came with me yesterday so we could go to a birthday dinner. My closest friend's son and I are born on the same day, November 7. (Dead-center Scorpios, by the way.) Frank Jr lives in Chicago and is turning 36; I'm his mirror image, 63 ...

Anyway, Susan was desperate to see last night's West Wing, which of course was pre-empted by the dinner. On a lark, about 15 minutes before we went out, she called the Concierge and asked if by any odd chance they could tape the show for her/us.

"Naturally," they said, "No problem."

Upshot. Great dinner. Returned to the hotel at 10pm. Our VCR was set up with the show tape in it, and a little Post-it note saying, "Happy Birthday, push Start." (There was also a plate of treats next to the note.)

Ye gads ...

Tom Peters posted this on November 7, 2005, in Service.
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