What Tom's Done This Year …

… and pledges to keep doing for years to come. In mid-September, someone at a Tom event asked him a “simple” question. The result came two weeks later in the form of a PDF we posted on the website. Now, Tom has done a major revision, added a page or two, and offers it to you here: What I’ve Done This Year. (PDF)


[What have I been doing this year? Working on the Art of the Speech/Presentation. Working harder than ever. I’m still a rank amateur—Tom Hanks says his self-assigned best grade in a movie is “C.” Amen. I want to Master the Art of Persuasive Declamation. Or at least I want a “B” or two before I put down the mike. How hard do I plan to work next year? HARDER. I want to get this stuff I do and love and care ever so much about … RIGHT. I’ll never get there—but it won’t be for lack of will or effort or aspiration.]