WBYB, or Wild Blue Yonder Blog #1, or Post37000

Am I the last to do this? I am beside myself with delight!

Consider this Post37000. I am at 37,000 feet on LH416 during Leg #2 (Frankfurt-IAD) of my Moscow-D.C. trip. And … I am hooked up to the world courtesy Boeing’s CONNEXION. ($9.95 per session, $29.95 per entire trip.) Yup, my in-flight privacy is in tatters, but (for the moment), what the hell!

To quote myself (Whoops!) at the beginning of my seminars: IT’S NOT YOUR FATHER’S WORLD. Perhaps more later, but I want to get this in the air before something untoward happens.

Happy October 12! (Isn’t it about Columbus Day? If so, how very fitting.)

Over and out.

Tom Peters posted this on October 12, 2005, in Blogging.
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