WBYB, or Wild Blue Yonder Blog #1, or Post37000

Am I the last to do this? I am beside myself with delight!

Consider this Post37000. I am at 37,000 feet on LH416 during Leg #2 (Frankfurt-IAD) of my Moscow-D.C. trip. And ... I am hooked up to the world courtesy Boeing's CONNEXION. ($9.95 per session, $29.95 per entire trip.) Yup, my in-flight privacy is in tatters, but (for the moment), what the hell!

To quote myself (Whoops!) at the beginning of my seminars: IT'S NOT YOUR FATHER'S WORLD. Perhaps more later, but I want to get this in the air before something untoward happens.

Happy October 12! (Isn't it about Columbus Day? If so, how very fitting.)

Over and out.