Walk! Talk!

Bologna. Northern Italy. The glory of centuries past incredibly well preserved. The walking, and I know this is not the first time I’ve said it, doesn’t get much better than this—made my first foray upon arriving from Berlin, a bit after midnight. Streets still lively.

As I pursue an intellectual endeavor here (preparing a talk), I’m humbled by the lurking shadows from the nearby University of Bologna, perhaps the world’s oldest. Begun in 1088 (a few years before Harvard, I believe), its “top alumni” list includes the likes of Petrarch, Dante, and Copernicus. Vaguely humbling, eh? Of course, I’ve got PowerPoint, and they didn’t.

My seminar is to SMEs, small- and medium-sized enterprises. So what you’ll see in the attached is aimed at them.

[You can get the attached slides here.—CM]

Tom Peters posted this on October 21, 2005, in Tom's Slides.
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