The Right Stuff

Britain’s Conservative Party has been struggling in the wilderness since fiery Margaret Thatcher was busted by her mates oh so long ago. Things got so bad that one leader even had a McKinsey background (a frightening thought concerning political leadership). All the Conservative pretenders have been brilliant, but fearfully unable to connect with those ever so annoying voters. A new leadership race is underway, and young newcomer David Cameron is causing quite a stir. The principal reason is brilliantly captured in these two quotes. First, from the Sunday Times (10.09): “At last the Tories realize they need a hugger, not a thinker.” And this from a powerful party supporter of Cameron’s, quoted in the Financial Times (10.10): “killer combination of conviction and inspiration.”

Win or lose, now or later, interesting commentaries on leadership in general.

Tom Peters posted this on October 13, 2005, in Talent.
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