Oh, That Should Help …

Business schools are, well, so funny. Or, rather, so stupid it’s funny. Read in the Financial Times that MIT’s Sloan School is headin’ for “with it” land … courtesy a new advisory board (“Business chiefs to advise MIT Sloan”). The new Alfred P. Sloan Management Society includes such luminaries as former AT&T CEO-Superstar Michael Armstrong (see above a brief recitation of his demonstrated incompetence). Armstrong wants to pass on his “wisdom”! He told the FT, “We are a small group of experienced and interested people who want to become engaged for the benefit of MIT Sloan.” Wow, I hear that Ken Lay also has some free time—at least for a while. Or how about Bernie Ebbers, by speakerphone?

Tom Peters posted this on October 13, 2005, in Education.
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