More Praise for Fara Warner (With an Asterisk)

I want to reiterate my support for recent Cool Friend Fara Warner. I wholeheartedly endorsed her book, The Power of the Purse, and I was giving it a close re-read on the flight to London. I can restate that it really is a first, a book on the women's market opportunity that is exclusively devoted to detailed case studies of companies who have made great strategic strides to embrace this enormous opportunity. The cases include: McDonald's (acknowledging that women are their majority market, and taking a very new approach to their business as a result), Home Depot, Procter & Gamble (the premier marketer learns new tricks!), DeBeers Group (the diamond folks), AXA Financial, Kodak, Nike, Avon, and MGA Entertainment (tackling Barbie with something new for girls).

My only bone to pick is a reference to me that more or less says that I need not push the cause anymore because companies have gotten the message—and now they need the details. I unequivocally support the need for details, but also can unequivocally state, Fara, that companies of all shapes and sizes have not got the message, at least strategically. That's an up-to-date report, based on seminars this week with Clients who shall not be named.