Honoring Lord Nelson

I loved Bologna! I especially loved the 700 execs and owners of “SMEs” (Small and Medium-size Enterprises) who attended my seminar—we all had a ball. (Well, I surely did).

Alas, I had to cut and run. Why? Because the 21st of October was winding down. AND COME HELL &/or HIGH WATER I HAD TO MAKE IT TO LONDON BEFORE MIDNIGHT! Last Friday was the 200th anniversary of the greatest naval battle in history. Lord Nelson destroyed the French and Spanish fleets at Trafalgar, ended Napoleon’s hopes of invading England, and effectively ushered in a multi-century Anglo-Saxon reign (including Britain’s American inheritors of the mantle). I served, as an American midshipman, ever so briefly in the Royal Navy in 1965 (HMS Tiger); I am an avid if not professional student of Nelson … and was damn well going to make it to Trafalgar Square and salute the Admiral before midnight. (In honor of Nelson, my entire London speech on Tuesday was built around Nelson’s leadership skills. I got a perverse kick out of being the Yank who taught the Brits Nelson!)

Bottom line: Despite delays of various flavors … I made it … arriving at 11:35 p.m. to be precise. And, yup, standing in T. Square on Friday night gave me a major dose of chills … on a warm evening.