An Exciting Opportunity!

Sunday brings a speech to the National Association for Home Care & Hospice/NAHC. I am a believer! I have long (& loud) railed against the pathetic safety record of acute “care” facilities (unnecessarily kill a hundred thou of us a year, etc.). Beyond that, I think the home is the best place by far to heal—and it’s where I intend to check out. (Though I’m in no hurry.) Moreover, the new technologies (telemedicine, tele-monitoring, etc.) make ever so much possible in the home. Hence, my biases and the group’s biases nicely coincide.

As part of the prep process I have created or edited a bevy of Special Presentations. To begin with, there are the “long” and “final” versions of the NAHC presentation itself. Next, a generic healthcare Special Presentation. And a presentation on the incredible Planetree Alliance, the Masters of Healing. Also, I’ve ever so lightly dipped my toes into the H5N1 torrent, and have a very short presentation on H5N1 which includes suggested strategic actions for businesses.

All yours …

Tom Peters posted this on October 23, 2005, in Tom's Slides.
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