More MBA Woes (per Me)

While publicizing Re-imagine! in the U.K. two years ago, I did a seminar at Said Business School at Oxford. I had a terrific time, and really enjoyed my interaction with Dean Anthony Hopwood. He's leaving, and I just read that they've chosen a replacement. I'm sure designee Colin Mayer is a fine and brilliant and hyper-qualified fellow. But, damn it, he's a frigging finance guy. Why in the hell can't biz schools give us a dollop of deans with specialties in Innovation or Sales (or even Marketing) or Design or Organizational Transformation or Leadership*? (*Why is it that many of us agree that inspired "leadership" is of paramount importance to enterprise, but only three "universities" specialize in it—Annapolis, West Point, Colorado Springs? The "real" B-schools "cover it" by the likes of sending first-year students on a 3-day "ropes course" before the "real classes" ... on FINANCE ... commence.) Gawd, how I hate B-schools (just in case you were wondering or had forgotten).

Tom Peters posted this on September 19, 2005, in Education.
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