Partisan politics aside, this has not exactly been W’s finest hour. As my (very Democrat) wife said, “Where’s Rudy?”

Watched an interview with Homeland Security’s Michael Chertoff; his “We have no info on the Convention Center” while viewers simultaneously watched chaos from the Convention Center was pathetic. My equivalent to Susan’s “Where’s Rudy?” was almost, “Where’s Bernie Kerik when we need him?”

As a Vermonter observing the Feds’ response in N.O. and imagining a WMD event, I’m thinking of going out and buying guns, ammo, barbed wire, and a truckload of canned food and water—if I can afford the gas to get to market.

Fact is, the Feds can only do so much physically. But the top of the Pyramid surely has the opportunity to provide visible, steely determination in the Churchill-Giuliani mold. That’s the damn point of leadership. (For starters, can Mr Bush’s speech writer who concocted the first set of remarks upon W’s return to the White House.) (Hint: A tightly scripted photo-op trip will likely come across as phoney baloney of the first order. How about a “Southern White House” for the next several days in the N.O. vicinity?) (By the by: Three throaty cheers for Texas! This morning brought news that more thousands of refugees will be welcomed to Dallas & San Antonio.)

Tom Peters posted this on September 2, 2005, in News.
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