I've been working with HSM for almost 20 years, and I was so blown away with their Latin American events in the 80s that I begged their co-founder, José Salibi Neto, to "bring the show to the U.S.A." HSM finally did, last year, with a bang at Radio City.

Years ago, José came to the U.S. from São Paulo on a tennis scholarship to the U. of South Carolina; he became a world-ranked player ... and I'm sure the timing of yesterday's event was influenced by José's determination to see the US Open finals! (NB: José, who was also a long-time TV tennis commentator in Brazil, says Federer is the best he's ever seen.)

More: Manhattan was a real zoo—the Open winding down, the U.N.'s madcap week, a monster Clinton conference, "fashion week," etc. The Thai Prime Minister was one of several heads of state (all with enormous entourages) at my hotel; and of course a ton of Secret Service. Returned from a long Central Park power walk—soaked and literally dripping with sweat—and found myself in the elevator side-by-side with Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister and some very large, scary people. (The Deputy PM was very cordial, understanding, and somewhat bemused by a jogging 62-year-old. As to whether or not the "entourage" were as amused by the dripping sweat is perhaps another story ... )

All in all, quite a deal. After all this, I arrived at Keystone at 3:45am EDT this morning ... to speak about five hours later. Summary comment: All in a day's work.

Tom Peters posted this on September 14, 2005, in Excellence.
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