Government: Yes!

Government at all levels has been under attack in recent days—and I think deservedly so. On the other hand, Government can work!

To be sure the issue doesn’t have the weight of New Orleans, but this morning I applied for and received a new Vermont driver’s license; I’ve been a full-time resident for a while, but had not bothered to cancel my California license.

The Rutland VT office of the DMV opens at 7:45A.M. I arrived only slightly early, at 7:35A.M. Here it comes: I was done (vision tested, computer-checked for possible past transgressions from around the country, photographed, license with holographed picture issued) in … TWELVE MINUTES. The office opened PROMPTLY at 7:45A.M. … and I was outta there at 7:57A.M. (Incidentally, the rapid process was abetted by the downloaded forms that I filled out last night.)

Sure, VT is a small state. Nonetheless, by any standard, that was one helluva performance! Hats off to Government that Can & Does Work!

Tom Peters posted this on September 8, 2005, in Excellence.
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