Glorious Charleston!

Charleston, South Carolina! What a town/city! Arrived, awash in Brazilian friendship, from Belo Horizonte (via São Paulo and Miami) at 9 pm, and immediately changed into shorts so I could log my Wednesday power walk. What a wonderful hour-long walk! Charleston is magical at night! The sounds and smells of summer—and the humidity—still goin’ strong! Such a beautiful and well preserved town center! Such amazing architecture! I’d judge that one out of every three houses/buildings has a fascinating historical marker—including one on the house of a principal Confederate blockade runner.

My treat to myself for pushing through exhaustion to rack up my exercise: a bowl of Charleston’s best “She Crab Soup,” courtesy Charleston Place hotel. The lingering question: Will he or won’t he have “Shrimp and Grits” for breakfast? (I’ll let you know.)

(Note to self: Got to get back here with Susan for the Spoleto Festival next spring.)

Tom Peters posted this on September 29, 2005, in Tom's Travels.
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