I have to admit to being a big Richard Branson fan. He’s the ultimate entrepreneur who puts his money where his mouth is. For me, he epitomises the consumer champion—looking for situations where he feels the consumer is being ripped off, and trying to provide a better offering. He’s taken on some big challenges, some with great success, others less so.

So the latest I read from Branson in amongst all the talk of fuel price protests in the UK last week, was a tiny snippet in the Guardian newspaper entitled JR Branson. He’s only thinking of building his own refinery, to cut the cost of jet fuel and thus the price of an air ticket!!

WOW! Could he really beat the oil giants at their own game? He’s done well with his airline, but is this a bite too big to chew off?

Madeleine McGrath posted this on September 20, 2005, in Strategies.
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