We're broke!

Another great United Airlines story ...

A top priority for my parents in their retirement has been to take their grandchildren on vacations. This past Saturday, the plan was for my mom to fly from Phoenix to Denver on United, where she would meet my 13 year-old niece and fly on to New York for some fun and bonding.

When my mother arrived at the airport in Phoenix, United told her that the flight to Denver was cancelled, and she was being rerouted through Washington, D.C., scheduled to arrive at LaGuardia an hour after her grandchild. When Mom asked United to give the lone 13 year-old unaccompanied minor service for no charge—a seemingly reasonable request under the circumstances—guess what the United ticket agent said:

"We can't waive any fees since we're in bankruptcy."


Steve Yastrow posted this on August 16, 2005, in Service.
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