On the Radar Screen … at Last!

The 78-million strong Boomer market (Boomer-Geezer, per me) is belatedly catching fire. CNNMoney ran a feature yesterday on “Franchises of the Future” … aimed at boomers/Boomers+. Here are a few:

*Comfort Keepers. Non-medical home care, such as running errands, doing the laundry, companionship. (472 franchises to date)
*Liberty Fitness. Middle-aged (35-65) overweight women who want to avoid the generic fitness clubs. (65)
*Sarah Adult Day Services. For seniors who don’t need constant care. (27)
*Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Aimed at boomers, especially in warmer climates, who are turning their homes into year-round vacation properties. (61)
*Camp Bow Wow. Doggie day care, targeting affluent seniors who travel frequently. (52)
*Verlo. Personalized mattresses … aimed at affluent boomers. (68)

The point is not the specific examples (intriguing as they are), but the Unlimited & Hyper-fast-growing market for any-damn-service-one-could-imagine-and-then-some for Boomers & Geezers. There’s (LOTSA) gold in them thar hills!

Tom Peters posted this on July 19, 2005, in Trend$.
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