Lucky Me (Again)

Got an early look at IDEO thought leader Tom Kelley’s brilliant new book on innovation, The Ten Faces of Innovation. Tom calls it a screed against “devil’s advocates”—those relentless innovation quashers that lurk ’round every corporate corner! The books intellectual centerpiece is a typology of ten types of folks one needs to foster innovation and an innovative climate:

*The Anthropologist. Master of human behavior … “gets” the user.
*The Experimenter. Mr/Ms Fast Prototype.
*The Cross-pollinator. Explores odd connections.
*The Hurdler. Master remover of B.S. roadblocks.
*The Collaborator. Brings intriguing combinations of people together.
*The Director. Brings out the creative best from an odd mix of talents.
*The Experience Architect. Turns “products” into “performances.”
*The Set Designer. Creates fabulous office environments that foster constant innovation.
*The Caregiver. Anticipates customer needs like a magician.
*The Storyteller. Creates narratives that capture the spirit of the group and its

Fantastic! (Hey, I wrote one helluva “blurb.”)